Fragrance layering

    August 6, 2019

    Create your own scent

    Fragrance combining, mix & match, personalization… these are all different ways to name fragrance layering.

    Also called the art of “Saho” in Japan, it is a beauty ritual that consists of overlaying two or more cosmetic products on the skin, multiplying the actions of each treatment to obtain even more skin benefits.

    However, this beauty ritual has officially entered the world of perfumes for some years now with for example the launch of perfume layering filters in 2016. The concept of these filters is a retouch of a fragrance from this same range, or of your own fragrance, filtering some notes to enhance others, the same way people use filters on their photos.

    Olfactory layering has its limits, one cannot layer fragrances anyhow, anyway though.

    A good perfume should be well balanced, you should take into account the long-term job of a perfumer that consists of hundreds of essays before obtaining a perfectly balanced scent.

    If you don’t want to take any risks, you should go for perfumes from a brand that offers a specially developed layering range that was thought together with the perfumer.

    Some fragrance lovers prefer to experience layering on their own though. Testing and understanding the interaction of the notes may be the best way to find the perfume that will best match a personality.


    This trend is becoming more and more common and this is no big surprise when we know people are in search of singularity, the perfume that will best describe their character.

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