After calendar by Parfex

December 7, 2021

Christmas is over… but! Let’s wait until New Year’s Eve in beauty with 6 beauty gifts.

From December 26th to 31st, get every day surprised by different gifts perfumed with our BEST OF NOTES OF OUR COLLECTION.

6 wishes after calendar!


Nothing better than a great detox after the Christmas days. With notes of verbena and fennel, this candle will calm you spirit down after this long celebration period.

  • 27th of december “SNOW DREAM EDT

Shake the bottle! It’s magical! Celebrate the end of the year with this luminous and sparkling perfume, through a joyful composition inspired by champagne!

  • 28th of december “BALTHAZAR’S COSMOS SHOWER GEL”

For this COSMOS shower gel, our perfumer was inspired by The Three Kings, when Balthazar brought enchanting spices and resins like myrrh, incense, ginger, and precious woods. This shower gel will leave a warm and comforting smell on the skin.

  • 29th of december “BLACK GLOW MASK and it’s magical mist”

This black glow mask composed by floral chypre notes, will prepare and illuminate your skin for the new year’s eve!

Apply the mask with the spatula, and spray the mist on your skin. With the mist, the mask will freeze… TADAM! Remove the mask from your skin easily! Thanks to the charcoal, your skin will be completely purified to start this new year in beauty.

  • 30th of december “EXOTIC HOLLIDAYS MASSAGE BAR”

End this year during a pure moment of relaxation. Get away with this exotic and solar bar massage.

  • 31st of december “NEW YEAR’S EVE SHIMMERING LOTION”

It’s time to shine! Moisturize your skin and illuminate the night with this glittering lotion that will leave a shimmer effect on the skin thanks to Mica particles (mineral constituent of granite).


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