Carte blanche

July 30, 2019

Perfumes freed from restrictions and flooded with emotions.  

In the fragrance industry, European standards, marketing constraints and price limitations can restrict the perfumers’ creativity. They are often forced to adapt their way of composing.

That’s why, Parfex makes the yearly choice to give perfumers free reign over the creation of a fragrance. Apart from allowing them to bypass the marketing guidelines, it highlights their talents.

In this unique box, 5 olfactory jewels, with strong personality.

Emilie Sabas, who composed a unisex fragrance, chose to bring two beautiful perfume ingredients into duality. Here, white amber melts in the Orient, with its more assertive woods, such as agarwood.

Marine Jacolin, who introduces us to the perfume of the ideal man, the elegance of a blond wood married to the freshness of a rosemary and the distinction of pink peppercorn and cardamom spices.

As for Floriane Delavet, she dares a regressive fragrance that brings together the most beautiful olfactory memories of her childhood in Provence, during the winter period.

Also the beautiful creation of Jean-François Thizon around the Ambroxan in which he enhances the three facets of this beautiful material to know its racy, enveloping and sensual character.

Last but not least, the four-nosed creation that makes us travel to the land of the senses. Each perfumer deposits an olfactory emotion of a travel memory.

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