December 17, 2019

Once a year, our perfumers are asked to give birth to a fragrance without having limits of creation. It is them who decide of what kind of notes they want to formulate their fragrance with, at what dosage; they are freed from a classical perfume brief.

Letting go all of their emotions, intentions, intuition, with one challenge though: use a given list of trendy ingredients that was suggested by the marketing and evaluation departments, and let go their inspiration…

Same ingredients, and still, 5 different olfactory profiles with strong personality.



Emilie Sabas, who chose tonka bean for its rich and faceted characteristic. First, it turns out to be addictive and gourmand. It has also a dryer facet, the one of tobacco, that gives elegance and refinement. Combined with a sophisticated vanilla and warmed up with sensual woods, it displays a sweet and soft facet and provides a comfortable feeling. An exceptional cocooning moment.


Marine Jacolin purely and clearly, wanted to recreate the smell of minimalism. The perfume is made out of two principal ingredients: moss and cashmeran. Moss is an intense, enveloping and magnificent ingredient. Hedione brings volume and also brightness. Cashmeran improves the mysterious side of the moss and adds trail to the fragrance. Finally ginger gives sparkle and glow to the top note.


Floriane Delavet opted for a genderless fragrance, subtle balance between sweetness and power. She chose to relate the story of Musk T for its amazing enveloping softness. This type of musk has an ambery inflection that blends perfectly with dry woods, giving a comfortable feeling as well as a lovely volume to the perfume.


Jean-François Thizon highlights a star ingredients in the fine fragrance industry: cashmeran. Half way between the scent of woods and musks, this raw material evokes the subtle touch of a cashmere jumper. Fluffy, velvety, sensual, it is a remarkable skin perfume. Patchouli, sandalwood and vetiver were added to underline its woody character and tonka bean to emphasize its musky and powdery facet.


And finally, Alexandre Vire, wanted to share its passion for tonka bean, a noble and delicate ingredient, that could be a real fragrance itself. He sublimates the gourmand and animal duality through Amber Extreme and Cashmeran. An intense, intoxicating, mesmerizing tonka bean.


SCENTimental, the five scents of our five noses, all expressed through their own sentiment.

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