Tuberose overdose

November 25, 2018

Tuberose, the muse of today’s perfumery

This gaudy white flower that was noteworthy in the 80’s, is noticing a new beginning in the world of fragrances.

Incorporated in a lot of new perfumes this year, even in blockbusters, it participates to the fragrance empowerment and intensity, very trendy this year, under the leadership of the #metoo and women taking the power.

Not only it is praised for its intensity, but also for its unique odour profile: a blooming bouquet of white flowers, featuring carnal and animalistic facets, as well as solar, coconut, creamy and banana notes…

In today’s perfumery though, the nose needs to adapt to the consumers tastes by removing the vintage facets of the flower such the typical animalistic facet that can be connoted old perfumery.

“When I use tuberose in my compositions, I try to get the closest possible to the initial tuberose smell, that is, before it has been transformed into an absolute. Similarly, I rework this flower in a way to expend its natural beauty that is at the same time refined and carnal, to offer charisma and personality” Marine Jacolin, perfumer at Parfex.

Every perfumer has its own interpretation, but in any case, tuberose will always give substance and power to any developed fragrance.

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