Solid cosmetics

November 16, 2021


A solid cosmetic product can be supplied in compact form, which does not flow, or as divided solid forms, such as powders and granules, which flow. Most of the time, these are anhydrous products (which do not contain water), but some may have a low water concentration.

Some of the new solid cosmetic products include soaps, which have been around for centuries. Another type consists of products called “syndets”, which had their heyday in the ‘90s as “dermatological bars” or “soap-free soaps”.

69% of the solid products are for hygiene (body, hair, deodorants and dental products). 20% are for face body care products. The rest is dispatched in solar, hairdressing and perfume products.*

From large luxury brands to smaller brands, there is a growing desire to offer consumers worry-free and engaged products.

Worried about the repeated use of undesirable substances, the environmental impact of their consumption, or the negative effects on their health, the new Gen Zen are now also “Consum’actors”. Sensitive to ethical brands, respectful of the environment, and socially committed, they are looking for authenticity.

Consumers are now looking for products that answer they needs but also the surrounding environment. They believe that safety, transparency and ethical sourcing are important. As a result, they naturally turn to solid cosmetics, which have long been relegated to the fringes, but which are now attracting a growing number of consumers.

Ecological awareness, a growing interest in home-made and natural products, a return to simplicity … The boom in solid cosmetics is here to stay, so it is important to promote this mode of consumption.

All around the world, a new state mentality is emerging. It is the result of a new set of globally shared values that will become the central driver of economic change. We are talking about neo-ecology, or how to sustainably reconcile the environment and the economy.

It seemed interesting for us to highlight these new formats which are attracting a growing number of consumers, so we developed a new perfumed collection completely made of solid cosmetics applied in different bases!For further information, or to receive or latest collection, don’t hesitate to contact us.



* STAREVIEW database

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