NY resolutions

November 7, 2018

365 new days, 365 new chances. We have got you covered!

New Year, new likes, new chances. Same dreams, fresh starts. Here’s to an even more amazing 2018!


  1. Your inner voice for a well fitted fragrance.

Some smells have the power to throw us back into our childhood, while others may revive precious memories. Rediscover your senses by listening to your inner voice! There is nothing like the smells we’ve experienced in our early childhood. Bring them back to life with the perfect customized fragrance!

  1. Pick a scent according to your daily mood or simply for a special occasion.

Wearing perfume can be a way of sending messages. Wanting to seduce with tuberose, hide with musk, express your sensitivity or your romantic side with notes of rose, or maybe transgress the forbidden with addictive coffee beans… The choices are infinite but the choice is yours!

Cheers to a new year that has never been so fresh!

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